Friday, 24 December 2010

Virus Infections Are Not Easy to Repair

One of the things you don't always plan for is your computer packing up when you least expect. Mine had a little virus infection earlier this week ad I had to take it in for repairs. But as it turned out, nothing, according to the repair guy, can be recovered as the virus has infected all the vital files and directories.

I don't normally leave my computer without anti-virus, but some reason, the anti-virus was not running when I discovered it. I'm not sure if it shut down itself or it was the virus the turned it off. It doesn't matter any more whichever happened, the damage has been done.

Luckily for me, I always back up my files for things like these - you never know when the bad guys will hit. This time, they hit badly. I'm not bothered about the computer because it can still be used after wiping the whole data. But what you can't get back it the data you will lose if there's no backup.

Although, most PC Repair shops promise to fix your computer and help remove virus infection, only a handful can actually fulfil that mission.

This is the computer, this time I have a new OS installation - Linux. Having heard so much about Ubuntu, I thought I would use this opportunity to install and try one of the most popular free and open source software out there. This is the second day and everything seems to be working smoothly. One thing though, I still don't know if I need any anti-virus.

If you know how to protect ones Linux system from viruses, please I would love to hear it in the comment.

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