Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Computer Repair

Thankfully, today, one of the technicians working with us managed to pass their exam. This has been an on-going exam that they have been trying to sit since the beginning of the year but did not finish the course material.

So, over the couple of weeks we decided to give them a few days off so that they could focus on the impending exam. Luckily they have now passed it.

What does this means for them and us? Well, it means that anyone who works with us in our Computer Repair office has the necessary and required qualifications to service customers computers.

One of the things we've been noticing lately is the number of complaints against most PC Repair shops. These complaints vary from anything ranging from incorrectly fixed systems to illegally accessing clients private files on the computer sent in for PC Repair. So, there's discussion currently under way to work out the best way to give the Computer Repair industry a more professional and decent outfit.

As this is just the beginning of many changes to come in the Computer Repair industry, we are proud to be at the forefront of it. And will definitely encourage others in the industry to help clean out the bad practices.

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