Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Best Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR on the Market Today

This is my first DSLR, and I am so happy with the purchase. I have wanted a nice camera for years, and I finally had some extra money to make the investment. At $900+ , it's a tad expensive for a casual photographer, but I looked at the purchase as an investment for several years. The image quality is wonderful, and the video is absolutely stunning. Everything in life looks significantly more interesting with this piece of hardware at your side.

I just purchased this camera 7-15 and its the best DSLR for the money! I looked at D70 Nikon's and they couldn't touch this. I bought mine on the spot because they had it for $899.00 which is a great deal, also bought the camera bag and the 8 gb of sandisk extreme sd card. This camera takes some amazing photos.

I have a friend that has a Canon 7D and yes this thing is a beast, but this isnt about size. Its about pictures. As far as Im concerned and my friend as well, this camera takes just as good pictures as the 7D. And for half the price. Video takes a little getting used to, but WELL worth it. Im a prof. photog. and this was a big upgrade from my XSi. Well worth the price over the 7D.

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