Friday, 9 July 2010

Philips SHS8000/00 Earhook Headphones

Since I've used only crappy regular earphones for my VOIP Headphones (eg. Nokia 5600 Xpress Music default ones) before, can't really say much about sound quality compared to others. This much I can say though after a month of active use:

-Perfect fit thanks to rubber earhook and earplugs that come in three different sizes from S to L. Secure fit was the reason why I went for these. Either these or maybe Sennheiser PMX80SPORT ECO Rugged, not sure if one can lean back with a neckband.
-Noise isolation works well, thus you don't have to pump up the volume so much.
-Neat and small outlook, doesn't attract too much attention.

-None so far though the cable gets tangled every now and then. A reel would be nice.

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