Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Repairing System With PC Repair Software

Sometimes, the computer acts strangely while being used by the user and performs tasks very slows than usually it does. It usually happens that the computer on which the user is working on catches some errors and the system crashes on critical moments with an abrupt system shutdown. Moreover, the system also takes much more time to start up and shut down than usual. Sometimes, the user has to face several critical errors like blue screen of death. It becomes very much irritating for the user to face all this.

When the system becomes full of errors, then it needs to be tuned up with proper PC repair software. The repair software checks the whole system's hard disk for any errors and repairs them accordingly. There are many kinds of errors that a system can have. An error can occur in the hard disk of the system or the memory of the system. The PC repair software scans the memory and the hard disk for the errors and warns the user of the errors that it has found in the system. The user can take care of them accordingly.

The PC repair software also checks the windows registry for any errors and fixes them. Mostly it happens that windows registry errors cause the system to act slowly and deprive them of their actual performance. The windows registry has all the entries of the programs installed in the system. When a program is uninstalled, sometimes it does not get erased from the registry and as a result of this, the system becomes slow. The PC repair software detects all these unwanted registry entries and erase them permanently to increase the performance of the computer. All in all, PC repair software cleans the system, and increases its performance by freeing the hard disk by erasing all the unwanted data and checking all the errors.

In the registry cleaner review we found that Registry Easy is the best registry cleaner for fixing the RUNDLL error.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Computer repair technicians are doctors of computers

Computer repair technicians are to computers, what doctors are to human beings. Just the way doctors are called and their help sought when people are ill, a computer repair technician is informed and his help sought when something goes wrong with a computer.

We all know from experience that a doctor's job is not just to prescribe a couple of medicines and solve the problem pro tem, but to treat the patient in a way as to exclude the possibility of the recurrence of the disease. Also, the doctor has to advise the patient on his diet and other day-to-day regimen that will help him maintain his health. The duty of a computer repair technician is also the same. He has to get the computer repaired and also advise the user on how he should maintain the computer in a way as to prevent the recurrence of such problems.

One of the common problems that beset a computer is a virus, malware, and spyware problem. When a malware does its destructive dance on a computer, a computer repair technician will have to be called in immediately to clean up the mess, and salvage as much possible data, and prevent further infection. While he would attend to this problem immediately, it is also the duty of computer repair technicians to guide the user on how to reduce the possibility of virus infections in future.

On an average more than 1.5 million malicious codes are being released in a year and these are trying hard to get entry into people's systems. The system prevents the entry of malware with firewall settings integrated with IDS or intrusion detection, and IPS or intrusion prevention, mechanisms. Still, it may not be able to prevent the entry of all harmful programs and when a malware creates problems within the system, a computer repair technician will have to attend to it.

After rectifying the immediate problem, computer repair technicians can show the users how the firewall system works, and what type of capabilities are integrated with it in that specific computer. They can train the users on how to check it occasionally, confirm if it is working satisfactorily, or reset when necessary. If the user has a maintenance contract with the repair services, the computer repair
technician should check the system occasionally for viruses, even if there is no overt virus damage.

Computer repair technicians should also ensure that that the right type of antivirus software is installed in the computer that he is servicing. There could be corporate editions and home versions of the same antivirus program, and computer repair technicians will know which version is necessary to provide security for the computer in question.

Using managed email services will also be helpful for increased security of the system, and for preventing Spam mails and malicious content mails. For business units using a network of computers, this will be helpful in filtering emails, and reducing virus threats. A computer repair technician will be able to give the users information regarding the availability and utility of managed email services for the type of network they rely on.

PCSoft is a Sydney based computer repairs, maintenance, and Services Company and provides same day onsite repairs and support services anywhere in Sydney and its suburbs. We can send a computer repair technician to your home or office for onsite assistance. Our team of expert, experienced and certified computer repair technicians are just a phone call away.

About Author: Sunil Punjabi

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional. I conduct Training and Certification Guidance for Microsoft .Net Certification Courses through my training institute-Sierra Infotech. I also own and manage a SEO Company and article Directory

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PC Repair Job Tips for Landing Long-Term Clients

Are you tired of the revolving-door, thankless PC repair job? There is a better way, and the path to get you there usually starts with refocusing your efforts on landing long-term clients and more entrepreneurial endeavors.

The one-shot deal is for amateurs. Professionals focus on long-term clients.

Now with that in mind, how can you easily and quickly get more great, steady, high-paying clients onto your client list? It’s actually pretty simple: surveys.

Surveys of your prospects, customers, and clients can be a great way for you to ensure that every successful PC repair job turns into a long-term client. Surveys of your prospects can help you get invaluable information about their IT needs, as well as keep in touch and stay current about what is going on both before and after you make a sales call.

Your goal with marketing is to make sure that you are able to take every great PC repair job that comes your way and turn it into a long-term client relationship. Surveys can help you go beyond just making sales call after sales call, or sending follow-up letters to potential clients. Surveys are a non-obtrusive way to get to know potential clients.

When well-designed, prospect surveys are not pushy, and can help you find out about each prospect’s problems and long-term business goals. This way, you can find out if there’s opportunity to go beyond a one-shot-deal PC repair job and become more of their long-term IT solution. These surveys are centered on the prospect and don’t ask for anything more than candid participation. As an incentive, perhaps include a free time-limited offer for those that complete the survey, such as a free tip sheet or report – something that will be perceived as valuable to your repair company’s prospects.

When you create a prospect survey for your PC repair business:

* Keep your survey relatively short and simple.
* Mail or e-mail your survey about four weeks after your initial sales appointment, most recent pre-sales conversation, or proposal delivery.
* Send another survey again about six months later, and six months after that, to keep the dialogue open.
* Include specific questions that get to the heart of who your prospective clients are, so you know what to expect.

Which questions should you include? Ask questions that identify current issues and gauge a prospect’s fitness for long-term IT services.

* What’s the single biggest PC problem that you are having right now?
* What’s the single biggest business problem you are having right now?
* How are you currently dealing with these problems?
* What do you think the solution to these problems might look like?
* What is the single biggest obstacle that’s preventing you from moving forward with the project we have discussed?
* Do you have any friends, family members or business associates that could use our help with their computer problems?

Be sure to offer an incentive for filling out and returning the survey by the requested date. And always end your survey with a “thank you” to show you appreciate your prospects’ help and feedback. A survey serves as a great follow-up letter for your prospects and customers that hire you for a PC repair job. It is another creative touch point you can use that does not require calling, nagging, or begging for a sale.

In this short article, we looked at how you can utilize surveys as very powerful prospect follow-up tools. This way, you don’t have to settle for another revolving door, thankless, dead-end project. Learn more about how to turn each PC repair job into more steady, high-paying clients now at http://www.PCRepairJobSecrets.com

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Computer Repair

Thankfully, today, one of the technicians working with us managed to pass their exam. This has been an on-going exam that they have been trying to sit since the beginning of the year but did not finish the course material.

So, over the couple of weeks we decided to give them a few days off so that they could focus on the impending exam. Luckily they have now passed it.

What does this means for them and us? Well, it means that anyone who works with us in our Computer Repair office has the necessary and required qualifications to service customers computers.

One of the things we've been noticing lately is the number of complaints against most PC Repair shops. These complaints vary from anything ranging from incorrectly fixed systems to illegally accessing clients private files on the computer sent in for PC Repair. So, there's discussion currently under way to work out the best way to give the Computer Repair industry a more professional and decent outfit.

As this is just the beginning of many changes to come in the Computer Repair industry, we are proud to be at the forefront of it. And will definitely encourage others in the industry to help clean out the bad practices.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

PC Repair

This is the first post on this blog where I plan to post all things PC Repair and Computer Repairs. As someone who just started a new business, I thought it would be nice to have a place on the web where I not only meet and share ideas with people, but a place to discuss what I work on daily.

So, grab a bite and sit right there while I look around this new condo for ideas on how I want to template. In the meantime, if you have any ideas of PC Repair and Computer repair, please get in touch and we can team up.

That's it for now - I will be right back.