Friday, 30 July 2010

This is not Free - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38EB-K Digital Camera - Black

I wanted better than average digital camera but not DSLR. Also the HD-movie recording was one of my requirements. Read many reviews, tests and comparisons of different "bridge" cameras. Ratings for DMC-FZ38 were exceptional. So, I bought the DMC-FZ38 .

I'm very pleased so far (had it for a week and shot about 1000 pictures already). Automatic settings (intelligent-Auto or iA) are very good but so are the manual settings. Took the time to read fully the advanced options manual to understand all settings and possibilities. There is much to learn in photography for me :) I must also praise the Power O.I.S. that keeps the picture sharp even with 18x zoom.

I use the video recording (720p) instead of my old digital (HD) video camera. So far I have no complaints. The audio is very good and the HD picture is enough for me (1080p is too much and also it needs too much space for recording).

Only complaint is the high ISO noise on ISO800-1600, but this is due the small sensor (compared to DSLR). You can avoid this by setting the ISO limit in settings (only not for iA mode).

For the price this is the best-of-best.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Best Yet: Sanyo VPC-HD2000EBK Full 1920x1080

This product is the best ! it has all the automatic point-and-click features to make this a great video and photo camera, plus the menu to change standard settings is real easy to use. You certainly stand out from the crowd at the school concert!

The grip style means you can easily hold the camera for long periods with straining your hand.
The size means you can carry it safely in your pocket and it has a real quick start up time when you are ready to use.

This is the second time I bought this camera ; my first survived being dropped on a stone floor, but it didn't make it past a burst-drinks-bottle my baby son stuffed into my rucksack! If adventure is your thing try the waterproof versions, I just bought my Brother-in-law one for his birthday.

Top product and a great price - bought in preference to a hard drive competitor as SD cards are so cheap! and it looks better than anything else in its category, plus photos as well as video.
Who needs anything else ?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Best Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR on the Market Today

This is my first DSLR, and I am so happy with the purchase. I have wanted a nice camera for years, and I finally had some extra money to make the investment. At $900+ , it's a tad expensive for a casual photographer, but I looked at the purchase as an investment for several years. The image quality is wonderful, and the video is absolutely stunning. Everything in life looks significantly more interesting with this piece of hardware at your side.

I just purchased this camera 7-15 and its the best DSLR for the money! I looked at D70 Nikon's and they couldn't touch this. I bought mine on the spot because they had it for $899.00 which is a great deal, also bought the camera bag and the 8 gb of sandisk extreme sd card. This camera takes some amazing photos.

I have a friend that has a Canon 7D and yes this thing is a beast, but this isnt about size. Its about pictures. As far as Im concerned and my friend as well, this camera takes just as good pictures as the 7D. And for half the price. Video takes a little getting used to, but WELL worth it. Im a prof. photog. and this was a big upgrade from my XSi. Well worth the price over the 7D.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Searching for VOIP Headphones

Utilizing VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone assistance is very cheap (if not totally free) and uncomplicated to utilize. We are all in requirement of a product including the VOIP wireless headset since it gives folks back their ability to talk to far off good friends and family without a large traditional or cell phone bill. No longer will someone have to interrupt what they were previously doing to answer the phone with a VOIP wireless headset within the picture. It is possible to continue to make use of your hands while talking to close friends and loved ones at the same time. To enjoy the VOIP headphones, or any PC VOIP headset, someone must initial sign up using a assistance, like Skype for example, connect to the Net and talk away!
This is merely a suggestion in light from the fact that an individual will feel at complete peace and ease when utilizing the VOIP wireless headset no matter how stressful life may well be at the moment. Hands are not essential with this sort of technology and no wires will be trailing behind with each and every single move which is made either.
Part of enjoying something is feeling as if you got a very good purchase for the money that was invested in it. There's no doubt that after experiencing the superb sound top quality and clarity of this device that all will seem to be justified and at ease.
Upon seeking at any electronics shop or department store, you'll come across a myriad of possibilities when searching for the VOIP wireless headset, since it comes in many diverse colors to suit most any buyer. Another facet is the design and craftsmanship of this item being that it have to also be lightweight and simple to utilize.
A final perk with wireless VOIP Headphones are that they come in plenty of adjustable size ranges so as to accommodate most any consumer interested in buying regardless of head size. There is no reason that form ought to follow function in regards to a high tech piece of equipment like a VOIP Headphones. Color, texture, weight, durability and flexibility are among just a few from the factors considered when selecting one for yourself. Obviously, depending upon the VOIP support provider or the form of equipment you have, your choices of styles and manufacturers may well be somewhat limited.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD

I bought this camera because I was going to the Carribean and I knew I was going to be doing some snorkeling. I have had a few Canon Powershots and I have always been very happy with them. I always recommend them when I know someone who is looking for a camera. I was not disappointed with this camera. The underwater pictures turned out great (after I changed the setting to underwater).

The only thing that seems different (unusual) about the camera is not having anything to cover the lens. The powershots normally have the lens covered when it is turned off. I'm guessing this is because of it being waterproof. I'm not sure yet how durable it will be. I just purchased the camera in early June 2010.
I would definitely recommend!!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Philips SHS8000/00 Earhook Headphones

Since I've used only crappy regular earphones for my VOIP Headphones (eg. Nokia 5600 Xpress Music default ones) before, can't really say much about sound quality compared to others. This much I can say though after a month of active use:

-Perfect fit thanks to rubber earhook and earplugs that come in three different sizes from S to L. Secure fit was the reason why I went for these. Either these or maybe Sennheiser PMX80SPORT ECO Rugged, not sure if one can lean back with a neckband.
-Noise isolation works well, thus you don't have to pump up the volume so much.
-Neat and small outlook, doesn't attract too much attention.

-None so far though the cable gets tangled every now and then. A reel would be nice.