Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My copy of Starcraft II Limited Edition Strategy Guide

I got the StarCraft 2 L.E . Strategy Guide today via FedEx, The shipping was amazing. I have read thru a few of the Missions in the guide and looked over the A-frame Multi-player map stand. The guide it self is well designed it is like most guides you buy, but the art work detail and information on each mission is above any other. From the first mission for the terrens to the Zerg you will know what to do and how to defend your land and rage a war that would make Alexander the great jealous.

The A-frame Multi-player map display is almost a cheat guide it is so detailed and beautiful, you get all 50 maps that are released with StarCraft 2 Wing's of Liberty. You will be able to strike like a laser through the fog and cut your enemy down. This is a must have if you are a StarCraft elite or a new recruit to the fight.

I just checked Amazon a few minutes ago and it looked like they have 2 copies left. So, if you are a fan and want to get your hands on one, hurry up now and place a quick order now - DO NOT WAIT.