Sunday, 23 December 2012

Update On The Last Couple of Months

It feels a bit strange to be back here after almost a year and couple of months away. As some of the regular visitor would know - I've a few other projects that have been occupying my free time lately. Which meant that this blog was neglected for a while.

When I started this blog back in 2008, the focus was to post as much information on computer repairs as possible. For a while, it went as planned but gradually fizzled out. Although lots of people have been visiting this blog for updates, it feels like I have not kept up with the original plan. So, with new projects and business ventures which need my undivided attention, I thought I would put the domain out for sale.

I'm prepared to transfer the name to anyone who makes me an offer - it does not have to be a big offer - but it has to be decent. is a sort after name and you will be glad to own it. This should be good though for those in the UK who are into Computer Repair or PC Repair business. Over the years that I have owned this domain, I have also managed to build up a huge amount of good quality back links - so, that part of online promotion has effectively been covered.

Besides, it has hundreds of backlinks that I built over the years so you are not only getting the domain, you also inherit lots of organic backlinks.

If you or anyone you know if interested, please leave a comment below or simply contact me by email fiveholiday55 [at] And we can start the transfer process.

One thing though - this blog is not for sale. It's the domain name and the hundreds of backlinks that I'm offering and nothing else.

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